Concept of SEAL

"SEAL" is a brand that offers products based on the concept of recycling, made with the advanced skills of Japanese craftsmen. SEAL collects discarded tire tubes and reuses them as the main material for bags, shoes, etc., while making the most of the material's characteristics. SEAL products are "one-of-a-kind," with no two pieces exactly alike and each one made of a different material, and are for people who are particular about their things and want to own something a little different from others. SEAL delivers items to such people that they can use for a long time and feel attachment to.

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The only bag of its kind in the world

  • Social Contribution Activities by SEAL

    SEAL has been donating a portion of its sales to WWF Japan (World Wide Fund for Nature Japan) since the brand's inception, as well as donating a pine tree sapling for every product purchased. We are also involved in other activities such as picking up trash in Shibuya Ward, donating to children in Nepal, and donating to various disaster-stricken areas, all of which contribute to society in a small way, not limited to the Earth. We will continue to actively engage in such activities to do what we can to help the earth.