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Big Tote Bag / ARMY DUCK (10-year warranty)

Big Tote Bag / ARMY DUCK (10-year warranty)

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Tote bag that can be used for 10 years
A large-sized tote bag with a 10-year free repair warranty, created based on the concept of "10-year use". The main material is genuine "Mil-Spec" cotton, which is defined by the U.S. federal standard (FEDERAL SPECIFICATION) CCC-D-771A. It is widely used as munitions by the U.S. Army. By weaving it with ultra-high density than general cotton duck, the sense of bounce and firmness is completely different. In addition, paraffin treatment makes it waterproof and gives it a hard natural look. The bottom of the bag is made of a tire tube, which allows it to be placed without worrying about dirt. It can be placed directly on the ground without any problem. In addition, the metal fittings of the charms are also made of mil-spec shackles. The shoulder belt on the bag is convenient for carrying it on your shoulder. With a content of approximately 25 liters, this bag can be used safely for one- to two-night trips or camping. This big tote bag/ARMY DUCK reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 1,700 g per piece.
10-year free repair warranty.
We will accept repairs free of charge for 10 years. (Scratches, dirt, etc. on the exterior that do not affect functionality are not covered by the warranty.)
*Some specifications may be subject to change due to discontinuation of parts or fittings.


model number PS-184
Size W380×H320×D200mm
weight 900g

Inside: 3 free pockets
Inside: 1 zipper pocket
External: 1 shackle

materials truck tire tube / Genuine leather / ARMY DUCK (Mil-spec) / shackle (Mil-spec)
producing country Japan


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