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Arqueonautas collaboration / one shoulder bag spiral

Arqueonautas collaboration / one shoulder bag spiral

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Collaboration model with ARQUEONAUTAS, a favorite of Hollywood celebrities.
A one-shoulder bag with a unique and overwhelmingly distinctive spiral shape, this model is a collaboration with ARQUEONAUTAS. ARQUEONAUTAS, which started in Portugal as a research institute for the purpose of preserving underwater cultural heritage, is a brand with many loyal customers, especially in Europe and among Hollywood stars. The popular one-shoulder bag form has been retained. It can be easily used to carry mobile devices and other small items when riding a bicycle, and it is also excellent for protecting the contents of the bag from sudden heavy rain.

model number AS-250
Size W230×H380×D120mm
weight 480g

Waterproof zipper
mobile pocket×1
Free pocket×1
zipper pocket

materials Truck Tire Tubes/Nylon Fabric
producing country Japan
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