Triangle Tote Bag

Triangle Tote Bag

A new tote bag with a very impressive "triangle" design, as the name suggests, is now available!


Triangle Tote Bag


The entire body is made of twill nylon with a cotton-filled bonding finish.
This water-repellent, wrinkle-resistant fabric is characterized by its soft and elegant texture.


The "triangle" tube on the front is the trademark of this work!


The SEAL-like tube texture is designed into the triangle, making it an eye-catching accent.
The triangle also comes with a zipper pocket.


 Some space is secured, so you can store things you want to take out immediately, such as a smartphone, in this pocket.
It is not only well designed but also functional and easy to use.
There is also a zip pocket on the back with a triangular space of the same size, so it would be easier to use if you could put them separately in the front and the back.


(No tubing is used on the back side, so there is no risk of colour transfer to clothing due to rubbing.)


And the main compartment.
This is also very simple.

One zippered pocket is included inside the bag.
Tumblers, cardigans and other items can be stored without problems.

It also holds A4 size items, making it a reliable storage solution.

It can also be carried with both hands free with the included shoulder belt.
We hope you will change the way you carry it depending on the baggage you are carrying and the clothes you are wearing that day.

A lightweight tote bag weighing approximately 600 g.
The design also incorporates a triangle shape with an accent.

The design is genderless and different from the previous SEAL bags, so it is recommended to share it with your family or partner.

See you soon.

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