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Ultra-thin round zipper wallet

Ultra-thin round zipper wallet

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A thin round zipper wallet that overturns conventional wisdom.
The interior made with SEAL's original "Z Structure" reduces overlapping leather to the maximum extent possible, achieving a surprisingly thinness while maintaining the same amount of contents. Furthermore, by removing the zipper from the coin compartment and creating a trapezoidal structure, the wallet is not only thin but also coin spill-proof. The result is a long wallet that is 10mm thinner than the average long wallet. In addition, the interior made with a "Z-structure" opens wide compared to general long wallets, making it easy to see the contents and easy to take out cards and other items.

model number PS-157
Size W190×H100×D15mm
weight 170g

External: 1 large zipper pocket
Inside: 2 large free pockets
Inside: 8 card pockets
Inside: 2 bill compartments
Inside: 1 coin compartment

materials truck tire tube / leather
producing country Japan

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