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A small, card-sized wallet that fits in the palm of your hand
New small wallet that fits in the palm of your hand, almost the same size as a card! A small trifold wallet that is comfortable in your bag and in your pocket. It quickly fits in any pocket and can be used without worrying about small bags or tight clothing. The structure allows bills, cards, and coins to all be stored vertically, so that all can be taken in and out with the same action. In addition, bills can be stored without folding, making the structure easy to remove and use.

Vegetable tannin leather is used as the material
Vegetable tannin leather from Tuscany, Italy is used as the material. The leather is tanned with tannin, an astringent ingredient extracted from plants, without the use of any chemicals. It is said to be an environmentally friendly leather that returns to the soil, and unlike metal tanning, it can be used safely by people with metal allergies. Vegetable tanned leather is characterized by the fact that the more you use it, the more it blends in with your body and develops its own flavor. The leather itself is tanned to produce a unique texture, so no two pieces of leather will be the same.

model number PS-211
Size W94×H65mm×D20mm
weight 50g

Holds 10 bills, 6~7 cards, and 30~50 coins

materials Full vegetable tannin leather
producing country Japan

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