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Travel Mini Shoulder Bag

Travel Mini Shoulder Bag

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This easy-to-use shoulder bag is useful on holidays or when traveling. It is large enough to comfortably hold a passport, long wallet, etc., and is also very useful as a sub-bag. It is also convenient for dividing your luggage into smaller compartments with its various compartments such as a net pocket and a pen holder. Six zipper pockets, including a main compartment and a sub-compartment, provide excellent security. The simple form of the bag allows it to be used in any style, and the tire tube on the surface protects the bag from water and dirt.

model number PS-099
Size W250×H150×D100mm
weight 650g

2 exterior zipper pockets
Inside: 1 Zipper Pocket
Inside: 1 mesh pocket
Inside: 2 Small Open Pockets
Inside: 2 pen holders

materials Truck Tire Tubes/leather/Nylon Fabric
producing country Japan
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