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Tote bag / ARMY DUCK (10-year warranty)

Tote bag / ARMY DUCK (10-year warranty)

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Tote bag that can be used for 10 years
This medium-sized tote bag is perfect for everyday use and was created with the concept of "10 years of use" in mind. The main material is genuine "mil-spec" cotton, which is defined by the U.S. federal standard (FEDERAL SPECIFICATION) CCC-D-771A. It is widely used as munitions by the U.S. Army. By weaving it with ultra-high density than general cotton duck, the sense of bounce and firmness is completely different. In addition, paraffin treatment makes it waterproof and gives it a hard natural look. It is made of a strong material that can be used in outdoor scenes, and has a tire tube on the bottom that can be placed without worrying about dirt. It can be placed directly on the ground. The well-thought-out storage space that can be roughly stowed away and still functionally arranged provides maximum ease of use. This tote bag/ARMY DUCK reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 1470 per unit.
[With a 10-year free repair warranty.
*Free repairs will be provided for 10 years. (Scratches, dirt, etc. on the exterior that do not affect functionality are not covered by the warranty.)
*Some specifications may be subject to change due to discontinuation of parts or fittings.

model number PS-198
Size W330×H330×D150mm
weight 700g

Inside: 1 bottle holder
Inside: 1 side pocket
Inside: 1 zipper pocket
External: 2 side pockets

materials truck tire tube / Genuine leather / ARMY DUCK (Mil-spec) 
producing country Japan
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