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Suit wallet

Suit wallet

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Easy to use like a long wallet, compact like a bi-fold wallet.

Background of "Suit Wallet" Development
Long wallets, often used with suits and jackets, are thin but their size is a bottleneck. Bifold and trifold wallets are inevitably thicker, making them difficult to slip into pockets, and they lose their silhouette when placed in a jacket. There are many thin bi-fold wallets on the market, but they are inevitably wider, making it difficult to look smart in business situations. Therefore, our goal was to design a slimmer, thinner wallet that looks as smart as a long wallet. The most significant factors that make a wallet bulky are its thickness and width. Our goal was to create a new form of wallet with a width equivalent to the length and width of a card, but with minimal thickness.

The design does not bulge even when coins and cards are inserted.
We were particular about the thinness and slimness of the design. After dozens of prototypes, we achieved a width of 64mm and a thickness of only 13mm, even after holding 6 cards, 10 bills, and 30 coins. The result is a wallet that is highly portable, does not look bulky in a bag or pocket, and fits smartly in a suit pocket without changing the silhouette of the suit style. It can be comfortably carried in an inside pocket, a back pocket of pants, or even in a front pocket without bulging the pocket. It is the most suitable wallet for the cashless society.

Vegetable tannin leather" is used for the material.
Vegetable tannin leather from Tuscany, Italy is used as the material. The leather is tanned with tannin, an astringent ingredient extracted from plants, without using any chemical substances. It is said to be an environmentally friendly leather that returns to the soil, and unlike metal tanning, it can be used safely by people with metal allergies. Vegetable tanned leather is characterized by the fact that the more you use it, the more it blends in with your body and develops its own flavor. The leather itself is tanned to produce a unique texture, so no two pieces of leather will be the same.

model number PS-204
Size W172×H64mm×D13mm
weight 55g

Holds 10 bills, 6 cards, 30 coins

materials Full vegetable tannin leather
producing country Japan
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