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SEAL OUTDOOR Gear Container (L)

SEAL OUTDOOR Gear Container (L)

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Drool-worthy camping gear made with care and crafted by Japanese craftsmen
The L-size gear container is a tough and functional outdoor series, carefully crafted by Japanese artisans. The main body of the product is made of SEAL's signature discarded tire tube material and genuine "Mil-Spec" cotton fabric, which is defined by U.S. federal standards. The buckles are also made of Mil-Spec Grimlock, making this a premium item. The gear container has a dedicated pocket for the included portable battery, and can be folded compactly for storage when not in use. In addition to the tire tube, which is impervious to water, the high-density, paraffin-treated woven cotton makes the gear container safe to use even in a sudden rainstorm. The tire tube on the entire bottom surface allows it to be placed on muddy or wet ground without concern. The inside of the gear container can be freely changed in partition position with dividers, so it can be customized according to the season and the various gears inside. This 2-way design can be used not only for leisure activities, but also as a tote bag by folding the top lid. It is a highly flexible item that can be used as a gear box when camping while also being used as a tote bag on a regular basis.

model number PS-199
Size W510×H320×D300mm
weight 1600g

External: 1 front pocket
External: 2 side pockets
External: 2 Side Handles
External: 1 Front Handle
External: 1 Overhead Pocket
External: 1 Cord Hole
Interior: 1 Mesh Pocket
Inside: 1 divider

materials truck tire tube / Genuine Leather / ARMY DUCK / Grimlock
producing country Japan
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