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Sacoche Bag Expandable/Night Ride Model

Sacoche Bag Expandable/Night Ride Model

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Night Ride Model of the Expandable Succosche Bag.
The expandable model in the Sakosh bag is now available in a Night Ride model that makes nighttime travel safer. The main compartment has an expansion function of approximately 6 cm, allowing it to cope with an increase in luggage without problems. The front surface is made of tire tube material that is both waterproof and impact resistant, while the back surface is made of BEATTEX, a new material developed by Shinko Co. The bag can hold up to A4 size despite its thin gusset, and it fits snugly to the body, making it very easy to use in active environments. The simple, easy-to-use design weighs only 450 grams. The tire tube surface material gives each item a unique look, making it a truly one-of-a-kind product.

model number PS-152lu
Size W330×H230mm×D10~70mm
weight 450g

External: 2 zipper pockets
Inside: 2 open pockets

materials Truck Tire Tubes / Light-Storing Fastener / Reflective Material / BEATTEX / Leather
producing country Japan


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