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Organizer Shoulder Bag

Organizer Shoulder Bag

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A shoulder bag with excellent organizability to save your precious time.
The highly organized interior allows everything to be stored freely and functionally. This shoulder bag allows you to quickly access the desired items without wasting valuable time. The front has a quick pocket for keys, transportation cards, and other frequently used items for daily use or on the go. The simple exterior of the bag, which you would never guess from its functional interior, makes it a perfect match for any outfit. The entire surface is made of waterproof material, allowing you to use the bag without worrying about rain or dirt. The shoulder strap is detachable and can be used as an inner pouch or clutch bag. This detachable shoulder buckle is rotary-driven and can be freely adjusted to fit your shoulder length and body shape.

model number PS-208
Size W240×H140×D60mm
weight 450g

Waterproof zipper pocket×1
Back pocket×1
mesh pocket×1
Free pocket×2
zipper pocket

materials Truck Tire Tubes/leather/Nylon Fabric
producing country Japan


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