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Morino Hanpu Collaboration / Quilted Shoulder Bag

Morino Hanpu Collaboration / Quilted Shoulder Bag

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Square shoulder bag made of the strongest canvas "Morino Hanpu".
Morino Hanpu, the strongest canvas used by the Maritime Self-Defense Force, is quilted to create this shoulder bag. This square shoulder bag fits in with a variety of coordinates. It boasts outstanding durability and shock-absorbing performance to protect your valuable belongings from shocks. The vertical form of the bag can hold a 500ml PET bottle. The metal clasps provide a secure and safe closure. The back of the bag is equipped with a rear pocket for quick access. It can hold a cell phone, cards, and other items that are often taken in and out on a daily basis.

model number MS-036
Size W180×H230×50mm
weight 250g

External: 1 mobile pocket
Inside: 1 zipper pocket
Inside: 1 free pocket

materials Morino Canvas / truck tire tube / leather
producing country Japan
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