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Morino Hanpu collaboration / one shoulder bag spiral

Morino Hanpu collaboration / one shoulder bag spiral

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The one-shoulder bag with an overwhelmingly unique spiral shape is now available in collaboration with Morino Hanpu! The spiral form, created by utilizing the elasticity of the tire material as it is, is not only tough but also has a beautiful flowing form. The smart one-shoulder design and ample storage capacity for shirts, books, and other items make it ideal for everyday use or small outings. The back of the bag has a cushion to reduce stress at the time of use. It also has a cell phone pocket inside and an open pocket where you can put maps and other items.


model number MS-0250
Size W230×H380×D120mm
weight 340g

Inside: 1 cell phone pocket
Internal: 1 open pocket
External: 1 zipper pocket

materials Morino Canvas / truck tire tube / leather
producing country Japan


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