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Morino Hanpu Collaboration / Drawstring Sacoche Bag

Morino Hanpu Collaboration / Drawstring Sacoche Bag

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This 2-way drawstring bag is made of Morino Hanpu, the strongest canvas used by the Maritime Self-Defense Force.
This is a gem of a product realized by domestic craftsmen carefully crafting one by one from two materials that are difficult to manufacture. The item features a simple body with an excellent silhouette and a drawstring shape. Despite its compact looks, it has the capacity to hold a long wallet and a PET bottle. This item allows you to enjoy the unique texture of Morino Hanpu. The shoulder belt is freely adjustable and removable, and can be worn on the shoulder, diagonally, or hand-held to suit a variety of coordinates.

model number MS-032
Size W215×H285mm
weight 250g

External: 1 shackle
Inside: 1 large zipper pocket

materials Morino Canvas / truck tire tube / leather
producing country Japan


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