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Fujikura Koso collaboration / Boston bag AIR MODEL [Limited edition]

Fujikura Koso collaboration / Boston bag AIR MODEL [Limited edition]

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Lightweight despite its large capacity. This is a lightweight Boston bag with a large capacity.
This lightweight Boston bag is made of quilted Fujikura parachute, which is also used by the Self-Defense Forces. The extremely thin and lightweight parachute material is bonded by Japanese craftsmen, and then quilted. It has a surprisingly light weight of 900g despite its large capacity of approximately 26 liters. The bag's size, which is calculated for everyday use as well as one- to three-night trips, is very appealing. It comes with an original dial lock, shoulder belt included, and various other features.

model number FS-015
Size W450×H260×D220mm
weight 900g

zipper pocket×1
Free pocket×3
Magnet pocket×1

materials Fujikura parachute / truck tire tube / leather
producing country Japan


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