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folding wallet

folding wallet

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This premium bifold wallet is the culmination of Japanese craftsmanship. A special process called "sukku" (thinning) is used to make the body tough yet lightweight, finished with a tire tube. Because of the extremely high level of skill required, there are only a few craftsmen who can make this product. The coin case is divided into two compartments, making it easy to see and take out. The banknote compartment is also divided into two rooms, allowing for easy sorting and storage. In addition to the four card pockets, there are two free pockets. It can hold up to 10 or more cards.

model number PS-120
Size W115×H25×D95mm
weight 115g

2 card slots
4 card cases
Coin case x 2 rooms
2 free pockets

materials truck tire tube / leather
producing country Japan

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