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Elastic Bodybag

Elastic Bodybag

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A body bag for both daily use and travel.
This body bag has a special three-layered structure with a main compartment, a back compartment, and a front compartment (quick pocket), making it ideal for everyday use as well as for traveling. Watertight zippers and high quality nylon with high strength. Tire tubes and their effective combination have realized high waterproof performance and durability. The main compartment is large enough to easily hold a 500ml bottle and a long wallet. The back pocket is suitable for storing valuables such as passport, keys, and cards. The front compartment is designed for quick access, and its width can be freely adjusted with stretch cords, so even bulky items can be tucked in. The surface is covered with stretch cords, which can be interchanged with the included colored cords. The elastic stretch cords on the surface can be interchanged with the included colored cords. The shoulder belt is split for easy attachment and removal.

model number PS-214
Size W330×H120×D100mm
weight 540g

External: 1 quick pocket
External: 1 back compartment
External: 1 main compartment (watertight zipper)
Inside: 1 free pocket
Inside: 2 free pockets

materials Truck tire tube / leather / Nylon Fabric
producing country Japan

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