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Boston Backpack Whale

Boston Backpack Whale

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A Boston backpack with a sperm whale motif.
The intricate shape has been reproduced by the meticulous skills of domestic craftsmen, creating a playful gem that looks like a work of art. The texture and curves of the tire tube are utilized to express the texture and form of the whale. The three-dimensional form offers amazing storage capacity. The watertight zipper on all sides protects the interior from sudden rain, and the adjustable length handle, retractable backpack shoulder, and earphone jack on the eye part are also practical.

model number DS-003
Size W410 (excluding tail) x H240 x D240mm
weight 1100g

Waterproof zipper pocket×1
Backpack shoulder pocket×1
Free pocket×2
zipper pocket

materials Truck Tire Tubes/leather/Nylon Fabric
producing country Japan




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