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Cross strap night ride model

Cross strap night ride model

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Special cross strap for safe nighttime travel. Strap for 3-point fastening to prevent the bag from shifting to the front when riding a motorcycle, bicycle, etc. This cross-shoulder strap can be attached to any bag, not just SEAL bags. The luminescent name and reflective material make nighttime travel safer. Equipped with a large nas-can, it can be used with various types of bags and shoulder belts. It can also be attached to a camera strap to serve as a cross strap for a camera. The plastic buckle prevents slippage in everyday use and when riding a bicycle, and the plastic buckle makes it easy to remove.


model number PS-138lu
Size 幅30mm/全長220mm〜550mm
weight 90g

Reflective/light-storing material

materials truck tire tube
producing country Japan


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