Recommended for bikers and bicyclists!【Organizer leg bag】

Recommended for bikers and bicyclists!【Organizer leg bag】



Leg bags packed with stability and functionality for bicycle and motorcycle riders.It can also be used as a shoulder belt by changing the belt, so it can be used by those who do not ride motorcycles.


two belts support the stability of the leg bags. The waist belt alone can be used without problems. 

For those who want to use the belt for rough walking around town, etc., only one waist belt may be sufficient.


If you want the bag to be more secure and stable, try using leg belts!
By supporting the bag with both the hips and legs (in this case, up and down), the bag is less susceptible to wind resistance, which is a very important factor for bicycle and motorcycle riders.



The good thing about waist bags is that they are in an easily accessible position in case you need to quickly retrieve your belongings. It has enough space to organize your valuables when you are out and about, and has a large number of pockets.The ability to sort luggage is also attractive.

First is the front zipper pocket.

 Not only can you store thin items such as pass cases, but also smartphones without any problems.

And there is one simple pocket on the back.


Inside the main compartment, dividers allow for storage while utilizing the pockets in detail.

The leg bag is very slim when viewed from the side,If it is a 500ml PET bottle, it will fit without any problem.


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, this "Organizer Leg Bag" can also be used as a shoulder bag by extending the waist belt.


The highly functional interior with dividers is probably rare for a leg bag. The pulls are easy to hold even with gloves on, and the use of luminescent material keeps you from losing track of the pockets at night.

The "Organizer Leg Bag" is full of other charms that we can't fully introduce.Please try it.