Morino Canvas Collaboration / Drawstring Succotch Bag

Morino Canvas Collaboration / Drawstring Succotch Bag

The drawstring bag was first used for practical purposes, and with the development of civilization, it came to have a decorative role as well.
In Japan, small drawstring bags were already used as bags for storing valuables in the Heian period.
The "Morino Canvas Collaboration / Drawstring Succotch Bag" is SEAL's interpretation of the drawstring bag that has been used for such a long time.



The compact size is just right for carrying a small amount of luggage.

The drawstring bag is characterized by its soft, rounded shape.
The use of Morino canvas as the main material gives it a stylish and cool finish.


Morino Canvas Collaboration / Drawstring Succotch Bag



Morino Canvas Funagu Kogyosho was founded in Yokohama in 1914, and is a technical industrial company with a long history of producing exclusive products for the ships of the former Imperial Navy.
Morino Canvas Senagu Kogyosho's special-order ship's canvas No. 4 is a unique canvas of Morino Canvas, which is still used for ships and tents of the Maritime Self-Defense Force.
It is used for ships and tents of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, and has excellent cold resistance to withstand extremely cold weather.

The tensile and tensile strength of Morino Canvas No. 4 is excellent because it is made of vinylon, a synthetic fiber developed in Japan, and the tensile strength of ordinary No. 9 canvas is 900 to 1400 N/30 mm for warp and braided yarns, respectively, while the tensile strength of Morino Canvas is 2400 to 2500 N/30 mm, and the tensile strength of ordinary No. 9 is 60 to 80 N, which is about twice as high, Morino Canvas boasts a tensile strength of 130 to 180 N, about twice that of ordinary No. 9 fabric (60 to 80 N).
Morino Canvas is the strongest canvas made purely in Japan, created by Japanese advanced technology.




It is a smart bag that can hold a long wallet, a smartphone, and one more small item.
The photo shows a long wallet placed vertically.


A 500ml bottle and a long wallet can be put together, but it is a little difficult to squeeze the top.
In such a case, you can use it by fastening it with the snap button without squeezing the top!


The Morino Hanpu Collaboration / Drawstring Succotch Bag is a bag that changes its atmosphere depending on how it is carried and used.

It can also be carried as a shoulder bag with the included shoulder belt.


You can also hold the drawstring to squeeze the drawstring in your hand to highlight the design of the drawstring.


Or you can use it like a bag-in-a-bag in its slim form without squeezing the string like a drawstring.


It is a unique bag that shows various uses and expressions only possible with its small shape.


The canvas part is available in two colors: black and navy.
Cool black with a sense of unity or fashionable navy with a bi-colored look?
These are two colors that make everyone worry every time.