The long-awaited messenger bag[MESSENGER BAG AMBIDEXTROUS]

The long-awaited messenger bag[MESSENGER BAG AMBIDEXTROUS]


It has been a long time since SEAL has had a messenger bag.
In this issue, we would like to see how functional the bag is with you all.

First, the main compartment of the bag.

One PC storage with a buffer with more space.And two Velcro pockets on the opposite side that can be opened and closed with one hand.The main compartment is simple and roomy enough to accommodate an A4 size or 13-inch laptop without any problems.


A large storage pocket on the back is also provided.

The gusset width is also secured to some extent,It can carry slightly wider luggage, drinks, etc. without problems.

There is also one pocket on the front with the flap open.The space in this pocket is compact.It is convenient to have a size that just fits a smart phone or other device in the front position.

There is also a zipper pocket on the front flap of the bag.The watertight zipper on the front part, which is easily exposed to rain, allows you to carry your belongings in the pockets with peace of mind.
The pocket is wide and has enough space for a long wallet and a mini tablet without any problem.



My personal recommendation is the back side zipper.The interior of the bag can be accessed directly from the rear side without opening the flap.
You can easily retrieve your belongings even when the bag is on your back!


 A stretch cord attached to the flap can be used to hold clothing, newspapers, or a folded umbrella.
Black and red cords are included so that you can change the bag to your own favorite design and carry it around.

 While providing the basic functions of a messenger bag,The bag is designed to be more comfortable to use.



See you then.