Kiss Lock Square Shoulder Bag

Kiss Lock Square Shoulder Bag

Kiss Lock Square Shoulder Bag, a two-layered shoulder bag with a design that blends in with everyday life

Kislok was first used in Japan during the Meiji period (1868-1912) .
This clasp is called a "Gamaguchi" and is used to open and close bags and wallets.
It is said that the name "Gamaguchi" came from the fact that the clasp resembles the open mouth of a "Gamagaeru" (Japanese toad).


A square shoulder bag that fits in with all styles.The interior has a two-layered structure divided into a main compartment and a sub-compartment.

The tire-tube, flap-type main compartment is waterproof and designed for easy loading and unloading.

A long wallet or a mini tablet can be accommodated without any problem.


The kiss-lock sub-compartment on the back side holds the opening and closure securely, making it highly secure.


  The sub compartment is ideal for slim luggage such as a smartphone or pass case.




 Each storage space can be comfortably used in different ways.Just be careful not to overfill the bag to maintain its shape.


In addition, the straight kiss lock, which is a feature of this work, creates a unisex atmosphere and a sense of luxury that is not restricted to any gender.

The design is simple and familiar, but the texture of the tire tube allows for highly fashionable coordination.