Mini Wallets for the Cashless Era【Fragment Case】

Mini Wallets for the Cashless Era【Fragment Case】

Hello everyone.

Finally, "Fragment Case" is now available at SEAL!

Fragment case is a card case and coin case in one.
It is a mini wallet that is thin and not too bulky, perfect for the cashless payment era.

In this issue, we would like to introduce its functionality and SEAL's unique design.


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It is palm-sized at W130mm x H75mm x D10mm.

If it is this slim, it can be used not only in a pants pocket, but also in the breast pocket of a shirt or jacket without its shape showing!



【Ample storage and functionality】

A total of five card pockets on both sides (credit card size can be stored without any problem)


Zipper pocket storage.

Key ring inside zipper pocket.




We are glad to see that it has the functions we want in a compact form.

If the number of coins is kept to a minimum, the item can be used quite slim.




【Tire Tubes and Coloring】

The front and back are made of tire tubes and leather, creating a simple yet SEAL-like finish. The cutting and pattern of the tube and the leather on the pocket are in black, brown, and red. The coloring is both visible and well-designed.


A must for those who are looking for a wallet that is as minimalistic and sharp as possible when carrying it around! This item is recommended as a sub-wallet or as a gift.

We hope you will consider it!

See you soon.