It looks small but has a large capacity Elastic Bodybag

It looks small but has a large capacity Elastic Bodybag

Elastic Bodybag has a special three-layered structure with a main compartment, a back compartment, and a front compartment (quick pocket), making it an ideal bag for everyday use as well as for traveling.

It comes in only one color, BK (black), but you can also enjoy the atmosphere of RD (red) with the included interchangeable stretch cord.

It can be used as a waist bag or crossbody bag, and can be hung from either side.It goes well with everyone and has a large capacity despite its small size. The weight of about 450g is also attractive.


※Model height 164cm

 [Waist bag]

[Crossbody bag]

It can look different by replacing the attached stretch cord. The accent is cool!



Functionality is also important.This small bag is designed for ease of use.First,(1)Main compartment for easy viewing and smooth access to the luggage inside(Width is the size that can hold a 500ml/600ml bottle)(Inside, there is a zipper pocket and two free pockets)


(2)Zipper pocket on the back (It can hold a slim wallet, smart phone, and other valuables, and is easy to remove.)

(3)Quick pocket storage in front for gloves and hand towels.(The size can be adjusted with stretch cords and side belts.)

(4)Free pocket with Velcro closure on the inside of the front quick pocket.


 The red pulls, which are both functional and accentuating, seem to enhance the simple design.Black and red combination is cool without reason!Although it is a common practice in SEAL, the impression is greatly changed by the different tube pattern on the front.We hope you enjoy the pattern of the tube you received!

See you then.