Discovery Channel Collaboration / Shoulder Bag Whale

Discovery Channel Collaboration / Shoulder Bag Whale

This time we introduce a new series from the DiscoveryChannel collaboration series!

Since 1984, DiscoveryChannel has presented a wide variety of fascinating documentaries on nature and the environment.One of SEAL concepts is "to raise environmental awareness while having fun."
This collaboration was sparked by the commonality of the two companies.

*<About Discovery Japan, Inc>Discovery Japan, Inc. is a subsidiary of Discover Communications, LLC. founded by John Hendricks in 1984 in the United States. In Japan, the company began CS broadcasting of "Discovery Channel" in 1997 and "Animal Planet" in 2000, and has also been developing digital media since October 2017.


The texture and curves of the tire tube are used to express the texture and form of the whale.
A shoulder bag with a playful sperm whale motif that looks like a work of art, with its intricate shape reproduced by the meticulous workmanship of Japanese craftsmen.

The tail and pectoral fins are cushioned, making them more whale-like.

Cute and photogenic atmosphere not found in other SEAL products




It can hold a B5 notebook, a 700ml PET bottle, a long wallet, a card case, and a key case all at once.


 It is so popular that some people have a whole series of them.DiscoveryChannel Collaboration.Please take a look at our other items.