Assemblable Succotch Bag that changes its shape like origami

Assemblable Succotch Bag that changes its shape like origami

The new succotch bag is a very unique piece. By creating a patchwork of tubes, each with a different design, each bag is made special. The triangular cut tube by itself brings out a different nuance from the others. Available in two colors, BK (black) and BR (red).


 Assembled Sacoche Bag

[Chic black with distinctive tube textur]

Red to highlight the design and enjoy its unique style


Both are very attractive and I'm not sure what to do with them! And what a sakosh bag this time, The size and style can be easily changed by simply pushing in the bottom corners.

Very interesting that it looks like origami.

You can enjoy two designs: a sacosh bag and a shoulder bag.

Transforming the shape, the thin sacosh bag transforms into a three-dimensional shoulder bag with a 10cm gusset width!

It is also recommended to change the shape depending on the belongings of the day.



Mini tablet, long wallet, smartphone, etc. can be stored together.


[Three-dimensional shoulder]

The gusset is wide enough to hold a 500 ml bottle without any problem.It would be nice to have more options for the type of luggage that can fit!

The Assembled Succotch Bag is not only unique in design, but also functional. Please try it.


See you then.