Organizer Waist Bag

Organizer Waist Bag

The waist bag is a new addition to SEAL's popular "Organizer Series.


Organizer Waist Bag




The organizer series is particularly noteworthy for its storage area.


It is divided into a total of seven compartments, allowing you to store your belongings where they belong.
The center is a zipper pocket, making it easy to put valuables in and out.
The gusset is also designed with a generous gusset width, so it can hold gloves and a towel, making it ideal for a short trip on a motorcycle or bicycle!
(It could also hold a camera (compact camera), which takes up a lot of space)

In addition, the storage pocket on the back side is a pocket with cushioning material so that tablet devices can be stored as they are.


Depending on other luggage, a 28cm size folding umbrella can also fit.



In addition to the main compartment, there is a separate zipper pocket on the front.

This space can easily fit a smartphone-sized item.


Taking advantage of its position on the front of the bag, it is convenient to put in items that you want to take out quickly or use.


This alone is enough storage space, but there is also a simple pocket on the back.

(The simple pocket on the back is long enough to hold a long wallet with no problem!)


There is also a holder for a 350ml bottle on the side!

The bag has many pockets for easy access to the items you want to pick up, and it also has a lot of storage space.


In addition to the waist bag style, it can also be used as a body bag by hanging it diagonally!

The bag is not too big, so it gives the impression of a good fit when carried on the back!

(Model height: 183cm)


Please go out in the way that suits you best!


See you soon.








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