Ideal for club bags and travel bags  [WEEKENDER / ARMY DUCK]

Ideal for club bags and travel bags  [WEEKENDER / ARMY DUCK]

The popular "ARMY DUCK series" with its tough materials now includes a large bag that is ideal for club bags and travel bags.

The ARMY DUCK series is made of mil-spec cotton as defined by U.S. federal standards.

Mil-spec cotton is a material used by the U.S. Army as munitions.It is woven with ultra-high density, and its firmness and elasticity are different from those of ordinary cotton duck*1.
In addition, it is highly water-repellent with a paraffin finish*2, making it an item that can be used for outdoor activities and camping!

*1 Cotton duck (Duck fabric) = Plain weave fabric made of densely woven thick cotton
*2: A process in which wax is soaked into the fabric to make it waterproof.


It is available in two colors: black and indigo blue.


 Black is a basic color and easy to use in any situation.

 Exquisite coloring with eye-catching bright indigo blue cotton duck and brown leather used as a point of interest.




Spacious storage for a 3-4 night trip.
A change of clothes, SLR camera, toiletry bag, etc. can fit in the bag without any problem.

In addition, the interior is equipped with a pocket with cushioning material to safely store PCs and tablets.A4 size (210mm x 297mm), holds a 13" macbook.


The other side also has a large zipper pocket and two simple pockets.
This pocket is large enough to smoothly hold a long wallet, so it is convenient for small items.


And the most different point from other bags is the tire tube pockets on both sides.


The tire tube pocket opens up to hold a pair of sneakers.It is a separate pocket, but the bag-like interior provides a storage capacity that is unimaginable from the outside.
It can also be used as a gym bag by being able to hold a pair of sneakers.

The bottom is also made of tire tube material so that it can be used on the floor without worrying about stains when luggage is heavy. If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a dry or wet towel and wring it out tightly.

In addition, it has bottom studs and stands firmly on its own.The interior of the bag also has a bottom plate for added stability.



This bag can be used for a wide range of purposes from daily life to special appointments such as travel.Please try to incorporate them!

See you then.


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