Compare the contents of the bag for each size! [Organizer series]

Compare the contents of the bag for each size! [Organizer series]

What is an organizer? This word is used in various fields, but as a fashion term and interior term

It is sometimes used in the sense of "organize", "arrange box", and "put together".

As the name suggests, the SEAL organizer series is equipped with many partitions and pockets, and the interior is easy to put in and take out.

I actually put my belongings in and compared them.
Please compare the three sizes, including the new ones, and choose the one that suits your style.

organizer body pouch

For short outings, of course, you can put it in your bag and use it as a pouch.

Cables can be fastened with a rubber belt, so it is also recommended as a gadget storage.

*Two colors of black and red

1. Mobile battery 2. A6 size memo pad 3. Ballpoint pen 4. Lip 5. Fragrance spray
6.Lightning Cable 7.Kisslock Wallet 8.Bluetooth Earbuds 9.Smartphone


It should be enough for many people. This item is the only item with an internal rubber belt, so it is especially recommended for people who carry cables around.

 The vertical mini shoulder is fresh.



organizer shoulder bag

The size is just right for travel, as it can hold an iPad mini, a paperback book, etc.

*Three colors: black, orange x navy, night ride model (only the night ride model has a different price)

The night ride model is white in the daytime, and the contrast with the tire tube is outstanding.

1. Bluetooth earphone 2. iPad mini 3. Stylus pen 4. Smartphone 5. Paperback
6. Lip 7. Fragrance spray 8. Long wallet waterproof



organizer shoulder bag MAX

Black fastener 1 variety of colors
Comes with a red and black handle, so you can change it according to your mood to create a different impression.

1. Bluetooth earphone 2. iPad 3. Stylus pen 4. Book 5. Lip balm 6. Fragrance spray
7.Lightning cable 8.Mobile battery 9.Hand towel 10.Long wallet 11.Smartphone

A type that can be worn diagonally as well as a body bag by simply changing the position of the shoulder belt.




The detachable movable buckle makes it easy to remove the shoulder belt.

Press the button to release it, then pull it out.
It is difficult to remove it by pushing and pulling it, so it is smoother to pull the belt after pushing and confirming that the button is misaligned.

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