For a long relationship with the product. Caring for SEAL products.

For a long relationship with the product. Caring for SEAL products.

A product that will become a long-term relationship.

The goodness of SEAL products is the toughness of the material and the fact that it can be used roughly.

In order to make it last longer, it is still important to use it every day and take care of it.

This time, we will introduce you to a simple care method that you can do on a regular basis.


✓Open and close the zipper slowly and carefully by holding the handle from the base

Fasteners tend to be pulled open when you are in a hurry. If you hold the base of the handle and open it slowly, you can reduce the friction on the zipper tape and prevent the rare occurrence of catching (the zipper bites).


If you feel that the zipper is not slippery, it is recommended to apply zipper oil.

Apply it to the interlocking part, open and close it several times, and gently wipe off the excess liquid with a dry cloth.


✓Confirm frequently that screw parts are not loose.

Screw-type mounting parts, shackles, key chains, etc.

Some products come with accessories.

The screw-type parts are easy to remove depending on your mood.

It may come loose while you use it.

Feel the parts of your bag regularly to make sure they are not loose.


✓Arrange the shape of the bag

What I would like you to take in as part of your care is to “adjust the shape of the bag”.

As the product is used, its shape may change slightly, and wrinkles and creases may appear depending on the fabric.

Put your hand inside the bag and try to adjust it while being conscious of the original shape.

Not only does it look beautiful, but it also prevents the zipper from getting caught and the fabric from getting peculiar.


Please try it when you have time.

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