Light and sturdy sacosh bag【Fujikura Koso Collaboration / Sakosh Bag Air Model】

Light and sturdy sacosh bag【Fujikura Koso Collaboration / Sakosh Bag Air Model】

A sacosh bag so light you'll forget you're carrying it!

Light and strong! This is a collaboration product of Fujikura Koso (parachute fabric), well-known for its.



The parachute cloth (parachute fabric) used is a material provided by Fujikura Koso Co., Ltd., Japan's only human parachute manufacturer founded in 1939.
This material is equivalent to the parachute cloth (parachute fabric) used by the Self-Defense Forces. This is a material that combines strength and lightness by combining many years of experience and technology in making parachute materials.

The highly durable threads are woven into a lattice pattern, which is extremely thin yet has high tensile strength, and even if it breaks, each lattice has a brake, so the tear will not continue to spread. In addition, the water-repellent finish prevents water from entering the interior, protecting the interior even in harsh environments.



Fujikura Koso Collaboration / Sakosh Bag Air Model


The bag weighs only about 200ℊ!
With this bag, you will surely be able to live a light and comfortable life.
It also has a quilted finish and looks great.

The parachute material is also water-repellent, so it is safe even on rainy days.



The tire tube is used in the handle section.

It can be used for lifting bags or hanging towels or cardigans.

It is also convenient that it can be removed with a snap button.




This bag is ideal as a hand-held bag for travel, as it is lightweight and less stressful on the shoulders as you will be walking for long hours on your trip. Inside, there is a zippered pocket and an open pocket, so it is convenient for keeping small items separate.



This is a sacoche bag that is useful not only as a main bag, but also as a sub-bag. It can be used in various situations, such as for carrying valuables close to the body, or for going out for a short time with only this bag. Compared to other products, the Fujikura Koso collaboration bag is by far the lightest. If you feel that all tire tube material is a little heavy, we recommend you to check out our bags made of parachute material.

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