Sharp design with a box that does not lose its shape【CUBE BACKPACK】

Sharp design with a box that does not lose its shape【CUBE BACKPACK】

SEAL has a new product from the backpack genre that has been a long time coming. Please check out the unusual box-type design and functional aspects with attention to detail.


The box-shaped CUBE BACKPACK has sufficient capacity and is ideal for travel as well as everyday use.


First, the main opening. The easy-to-open zipper closure uses a watertight zipper, making it perfect for rain protection!The handle makes it easy to open and close.


The handles on the top are firm and stable, aiding in carrying and body maneuvering.


It also has a zipper pocket right near the handle.The pockets are designed for easy insertion and removal of slim items such as smartphones and passcases.


The main compartment has a wide gusset and a wide opening for easy access. There is also a zipper pocket right at the opening, suitable for organizing a wallet or other valuables.


It is also tall enough so that a 2L PET bottle can fit with room to spare like this.


It can hold an A4 size as well as a 15-inch notebook PC without any problem. The large capacity of this backpack makes it possible to carry a variety of items.


Due to the height of the bag, the deep bottom makes it a little difficult to get the lower luggage out through the zipper opening. However, a unique feature solves the problem. The front part of the bag is a flap. Unfasten the two buckles on the side.


The flap opens and closes and the zipper opens directly to the main compartment.The large opening also allows for the loading and unloading of large-size luggage. 


There is also a pocket on the back of the flap, perfect for magazine storage.

Magazines can be taken out even with the flap closed.



The cushioning in the shoulder belt and back material reduces the burden when the bag is heavy. It also fits well and is comfortable to carry.


A bottle holder is also mounted on the side of the bag so that drinks can be taken out even when the bag is being carried on the back.The elastic material allows for the storage of bottles of slightly different sizes.


A simple, yet easy-to-use backpack with a unique design and functionality, and a solid capacity. Please try it on your back.


See you then.

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