Big Tote Bag / ARMY DUCK (10-year warranty)

Big Tote Bag / ARMY DUCK (10-year warranty)

This tote bag is unique among SEAL bags in that it is made of genuine "mil-spec" cotton as defined by the U.S. Federal Specification (FEDERAL SPECIFICATION) CCC-D-771A.

Big Tote Bag / ARMY DUCK (10-year warranty)


Mil-Spec is a general term for the procurement standards for military supplies in the United States.
It is a common name for the standard for durability performance of equipment stipulated by the U.S. Department of Defense, and the fact that it has cleared this standard means that it is a very tough and excellent material.


The canvas ARMY DUCK is woven with high density, so it has a wonderful firmness and elasticity and a cool appearance.The word seems to come from the Dutch word dose, meaning cloth.


Furthermore, about the water repellency that you all need.
This fabric is processed by dipping the fabric in melted paraffin, the raw material of wax, and has high water repellency.
Although it is not waterproof, the high water repellency makes it safe for sudden rain!

 The front snap shackle is also mil-spec.
The shackle can be opened and closed by pulling the hardware (pin).
Attention to detail and one-point accents.


It has a 25L capacity and a large gusset width of 20cm, It can hold enough luggage for one or two nights.
It can also be used as a shopping bag at the supermarket.
It is ideal for those who want to put things in a bag quickly and roughly.
We also recommend using it as a gym bag and putting a change of clothes in it!


 The handle is 2-way use, one for holding in leather and the other for hanging on the shoulder with jacquard tape, so you can carry it either way.
It is nice to be able to change the way you carry it when you get tired.



The 10-year warranty is also a nice feature!
*Warranty does not cover scratches, stains, etc. on the exterior that do not affect functionality.
*Please note that the customer is responsible for shipping costs at the time of repair.
*Repairs due to loss of shackles will be charged.
*Please note that some of the materials used may be changed depending on the time of repair.

Use it a lot, fix it when it breaks, and it will become a history of your use in itself.
It will be a tote bag filled with memories.


Available in black and navy.

The navy has a subdued blue tint and is more of a charcoal gray.
The navy and brown leather of the stitching and interior and the combination go well together.

Black is a simple and elegant finish, as the colors are unified and it is easy to see the details such as the jacquard tape and shackles.




If you are looking for a larger tote bag, please consider this.

See you soon.

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